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Saturday, October 17, 2009

a better day

Well, things were back to normal today. Both of my little dogs slept with me last night. We all slept like logs. The one time I got up Gable didn't even move! Later when it was time to start Michael's coffee, he did get up and follow me in his usual routine. I had to roust Sebastian out of bed to go outside.
Gabe stayed with me the way he always does, but as soon as I turned toward our room again, he took off and beat me there. He hopped up on the bed and was snuggled among the pillows before I even got myself set down. Sebastian thought maybe he'd go up stairs with Rachael, but soon returned to sleep beside my in our chair. And there they were settled until about 10:30.
When Rachael let the big dogs out I went to open the door for them to go outside. Gable and Sebastian both went out with them, but as soon as they were back inside, Gable curled up by my chair and went to sleep again. He stayed there until we went back to our room after lunch. He is sleeping as much as he can, usually snuggled up warm. Silly little dog! I hope he doesn't come down with pneumonia because of his cold wet afternoon.
Maybe next time he will think twice before he goes exploring. At any rate, he has his collar and tags on!
Michael is putting locks on the gates. Right now we are paranoid everytime we let the dogs out.

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