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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

heaven help us!

I cannot believe it. I just registered with twitter! UN-BE-LIEV-ABLE! See it started out when I went to check out a friend's page... But it was on twitter and I couldn't access it without registering for twitter. I least I don't think I could access it. It's real easy to confuse me on these things.

So, like the technologically challenged soul I am, I went ahead and 'registered.' And now I have an account, but I'm not real sure how to use it!

Honest to Pete, I don't believe I'm tweeting material.

If anybody knows anything about using this whole twitter thingie, puhleze, send me an email or post a comment or just help! I've heard that people do all kinds of neat things with their pages.... Not me, kid! I'm amazed I to have one.

Oh yeah... I'm at
http://twitter.com/honchess And don't be disappointed. It's a bare bones page. Like I said, I'm astonished that it's even there.

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