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Friday, October 2, 2009


Before I do anything else I have to post this picture. A friend sent me this list of pictures entitled Have You Ever Been This Tired? This one really hit home. I have felt EXACTLY like this

Now for 'the rest of the story'. This has been a full week--more for everyone else than me, but part of it was mine. Sunday afternoon, Michael was playing ice hocky and pulled a muscle in his upper thigh. He was hobbling pretty bad when he got home. Rach set him down with ice as soon as he had gotten his shower.

Rachael began her week's vacation on Sunday. How great to know that she didn't have to get up before anyone else was even turning over in bed. Of course, I was at odd's end because I woke up at four am anyway. Monday was a neat kind of day. Michael decided to give his thigh a day to heal instead of walking on concrete floors for 8 hours, so he was home on the sofa all day. Rachael and I were at the counter behind him. She was cleaning her kitchen and repotting some of her plants while just kibitzed and gave un-needed directions and advice. It's great being a Mom. lol

On Tuesday I went to a long over due doctor's appointment. I was supposed to go back in March before I left to stay with Notah and Kerra. but the day before I was scheduled Rachael was in her car accident (Friday, March 13's blog: one thing and then another) and we were all up in the air. She definitely was in no shape to take me. So I missed that one. When I got home from NM, Rachael had just started her lien accounting training and teaching job so she wasn't able to take me. This was our first chance to get to the doctor.

Now the good news! The doctor was overjoyed with my blood pressure records and the readings. And I've been out of the one type of meds since July! She did away with that one and gave me a mild diuretic combination instead. She asked how I was doing with my carb control regime. When I told her I'd purchased a blood glucose meter and had records for all summer she was so pleased. When she saw the numbers her eyes lit up! LOL When I told her that I thought the starchy-carb free diet had also had a positive effect on my weight, she went back and checked her records from when I started..... I'VE LOST THIRTY POUNDS! Isn't that fantastic. No starving. No counting calories. No exhaustive exercising. Just skipping the starchy carbs.

Let me be a proponent for the process. Just drop all the bread, potatoes, pasta etc from your diet. It is amazing. Eat proteins, vegetables and fruit. Mind boggling. The only draw back is that pizza and tacos are one of the things eliminated. But if you are faithful on all the other points, you can have that once a day or a couple times a week. My blood glucose readings these last few days have read 95-99. That's excellent. It's good for your blood sugar and good for your weight. Try it.

While Rach has been on vacation she went to see her friend Suzie in Cleveland where her brother was having open heart surgery for the 2nd time in has 28 years! Rachael left Tuesday afternoon and returned yesterday around two o'clock. I cooked for me 'n' Michael while she was gone. She left short-prep-time meal supplies. Tuesday I seared a roast and threw some onions in with it and let it cook for two hours, then dumped in already sliced carrots and celery and a can of little potatoes. Laziest dinners I've ever made in my life. lol But I didn't have to stand up long. Wednesday's supper involved boiling ham hocks then pouring in a bag of navy beans and again walking away for two hours. Michael and I were especially happy with the soup. We have been campaigning for soup all summer and Rachael has been insisting that soup is for winter. With the weather we've had the last two or three days, I guess winter is starting. OR do you suppose having bean soup triggered the onset. hmmmm. (play eerie music here. woo-oo-woo! do-do-doodoo, woo-oo-woo! do-do-doodoo. ) Navajos believe that kind of sympathetic magic.

Oh yes. The most traumatic event of the week! How could I forget! The coffeemaker sprung a leak!! I was gonna have to boil coffee while Rach was gone. Do you know how many years it has been since I cooked coffee in a percolater pot! Twenty at least! I wasn't even sure I remembered how. Rachael had to give me a lesson. We had boiled coffee the first day and then Michael, bless his heart, went and got a new coffee maker! Whew. Dodged that bullet.

Now it is Friday. And I actually made it.

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