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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

fallen leaves

What is it about Fall?
I went to let the dogs in this morning. I use the word loosely; it was technically still night. When I let everyone out I didn’t turn on the light or even look out-only opened the door. When I went to let them back in I flipped on the outside light so I could find them in the darkness.

Our deck was caught in the sudden bright beams of light and there scattered over it was a carpet of sweet gum leaves. It was so pretty I had to just stand and look at it for a few minutes. Gold and red and a few mixed with a little of each. God is so casual about beauty! He just lets those leaves drop and no matter how they fall they’re beautiful. I wanted to take a photo of it to post but it never looks as wonderful in the reproduction as it does in that first startling moment of vision.

An artist can spend hours arranging a scene just right. He puts the colors strategically in place to display them to the best advantage. He turns each piece in exactly the right direction. He sets lights to angle specifically across the pieces to show not only color but also shadows. He mixes his palette with just the right colors and chooses his brushes with care. And finally he spends hours carefully applying paint to the canvas.

But after all that, it cannot rival God’s production with just a little frost and a casual wind!

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