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Thursday, November 12, 2009

what spoiled pups

My little dogs.. Gable and Sebastian, are my babies. Sebastian originally belonged to Rachael and Michael, but he has always liked to hang out with me. I told R & M the Christmas before I moved down here that if I lived with them he would soon be my dog. I think it took him about two months after we moved to the new house that he started staying with me at night. When R & M went upstairs they would call the dogs and all traipse up to bed, but one night Sebastian just sat in the middle of the floor and looked worried.

Rachael asked him, “Don’t you want to go to bed with Mommy?”

And Sebastian answered quite clearly with the mental telepathy that all dogs have, “No. I wanna stay with Grandma.” And that was it. He became Grandma’s dog.

Anyway, they both have their little pillow-y, cushy beds. In fact they each have TWO, but the bigger ones have become their favorites and the cats have taken over the smaller ones. ( Mercy! Did I say “spoiled?”) Sebastian’s bed was a pretty maple red color with striped ticking on one side of the pillow and a striped panel on the front. Gable’s is a deep green with a flower design on the pillow and the panel. Sebastian got his pretty one first while Gabe and I were in NM. Then when we came home, his small brown and cream colored bed was getting a little beat up and Rachael thought he needed a new, so she got him another brown one. Well, the old brown one she was going to pitch, but Grandma just couldn’t see pitching a perfectly cozy little bed just cuz it was a little tattered and besides the cats liked it. So Gabe’s old tattered bed went in the closet for Andy and Cloudy.

A few weeks later, Rachael was in pet smart or Target or somewhere and there was a big cushy, pillow-y bed just like Sebastian’s on sale for something like five bucks. Well, I don’t’ need to tell you what happened. The green bed went beside the bureau. The old/new brown and cream bed was between the book shelf and my plant stand. Sebastian’s red beed was between my shelves and the cat tower. And everybody had a bed. Of course, Gabe and Sebastian switched off between the red bed and the green one. They abandoned the old/new brown one, but that was okay because Andy started sleeping in it out here, heaving the old/old brown bed to Cloudy in the closet.

Are you following this story so far? Yeah, it’s a little complicated but keep trying. Now this situation continued for the summer and most of the fall. Remember Gable had hurt his back last spring in a rough and tumble with Maxim and couldn’t jump on the bed so the beds on the floor were really handy. Once in a while one or both of the little dogs would fall asleep on the bed pillow, but by and large they used their beds. THEN it began getting chilly. We don’t’ turn the heat on until the temp gets below freezing every night. Rachael grew up in an old farmhouse with no insulation. I lived for years on the reservation in a two room frame house with only one little wood burning stove. Michael is budget conscious. We don’t worry about cold until there is danger of the pipes freezing.

The little dogs though have a different mind set. As soon as it began getting a little colder they started vying for spots between the pillows on the bed. There were only two pillows so only one spot and if they were lucky a blanket or something was there too that the loser could snuggle up under. The floor was just not warm enough to suit them.

Rachael and I talked about it and we decided to add a big fluffy towel to their beds so they would have something to crawl under. Then last night Rachael had a brilliant idea. She picked up the big pillow-y beds from the floor, fluffed them up and put them on the far side of the bed (I never lay over there anyway) What a hit THAT was! Gabe and Sebastian hopped up on the bed and straight into their re-located beds! They didn’t move all night.

When I got up at 5:00 and started the coffee, they trucked along to go outside. When Michael was gone and I came back to our room, thee was no nosing around deciding what to do. Both of them jumped straight up and into their cozy beds. Although they did switch; Gabe took Sebastian’s and Sebastian took the green one.

It’s a good thing Good Housekeeping or House Beautiful isn’t coming to evaluate our house. I don’t’ think doggy beds on the regular bed would quite make their quality cut.

Told you they were spoiled. But I love’em!

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