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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

lots of company

These last two weeks have been busy. Rachael and Michael’s friends from the music group, Ha Ha Tonka, stopped by on their swing through the east. The guys make a tour about every three or four months. They are a good music group, but not of the renown of those we hear about in the national media. On tour, they spend their nights sleeping in their van or in the backroom area of small venues where they play. It is a real treat for them to have a real house with real bathrooms and showers and laundry facilities.

Usually when they come through (they’re based out of..Chicago? I think.) when the come through they are just looking for a place to crash for the night. They get in after a concert in the Columbus area—around ten or so—and leave on out the next morning at ten or eleven. This time they arrived late in the day, but stayed all the next day, played here in Columbus that evening and then left the following day about noon. Nice guys. They got a real breakfast, hung out, hiked by the reservoir, played with the dogs, watched TV and just generally had some down time.

Then a few days later, Rachael came in after talking to Notah, just bursting with news. She told me to be sure and ‘be decent’ the next day because I was getting company around noon. As it turned out, my nephew Irving, that I wrote about a while ago, was traveling west with a truck load of books donated to the reservation library system. The people of Amherst Mass (one of the service clubs there) had collected donations of new and slightly used books. There was a huge U-haul truck full of them. I mean HUGE-like moving van size. He said it was packed full! I was so excited to see him. I tried to talk them into staying, but they were wanting to get home by Friday and shooting or St. Louis by the same evening.

We had a good visit during the time it took to brew a pot of coffee and drink a big cup full. You can always offer a Navajo a cup of coffee. I don’t ever remember one being turned down! After about an hour and a half they climbed back up into the truck and left. Irving texted me Saturday morning and said they’d gotten back to NM/AZ on Friday afternoon. (Have you noticed how the noun text has been turned into a verb with the advent of cell phones? lol "I will text you." "He texted me." "Wait, I'm texting Jill." lol ) There was a major story in the newspaper about the donation and his trip. I wonder how many books there actually were in that load.

THEN Saturday evening, our friend Laurynn, Rachael’s high school friend and college roommate, arrived for a short visit… She is visiting from Phoenix, AZ, Rachael picked her up at Port Columbus at 8:30 pm. She stayed the night and her sister picked her up Sunday morning for a three or four day visit. She ws so excited when Rachael made her breakfast too. She said no one ever makes her breakfast. She is always the one doing it. We gabbed and she played with the dogs and the Chrissie came with her boyfriend/fiance/husband....So much excitement.

AND NOW, I’m anxiously waiting for the arrival of my long time internet friend Damaris from Mexico! For many years I’ve been posting on a Christian discussion group where Damaris posted also. For the last couple years we have shared hosting duties. I’ve learned to love and appreciate Damaris for her commitment to the Lord and I can hardly believe I’ll be meeting her. I am just about to pop with excitement!

I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Hey Vondi, tonight is the night!
    Can't wait to give you a BIG hug, :)