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Friday, February 5, 2010

it's snowing--again

Wow. We had predictions of the coming snow storm but ti was supposed to begin as rain and gradually turn to snow and accumulate.
Well! I never saw any rain, but it began snowing around eleven thirty this morning and by the time I went to get my lunche at one oclock we had THREE INCHES. I kid you not. And it is still coming down!
Ohio is a fantastic place. This morning ti was 34 degrees and the snow from last week was almost all gone. the little dogs whipped out to the potty across bare grass. When they went out at lunch time, they were wading in snow up to their elbows!
I fixed my lunch before I let them back in and the little dogs were complaining big time. But when I got to the door Sebastian was wading back across the yard to take a more extensive "dump" He is such a wimp. Obviously he'd gone and watered a couple trees and come back. then because I made him wait, he'd discovered he had to do a little more than that. I didn't open the door until I made sure he was finished. He and Gable came tearing back inside before I could even call them. Maxim and Mika were having a good time playing but they came romping inside too.
So now I'm back to watching the snow come down and hoping R & M get home safely.

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