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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Well, I told you it was snowing in my last post here. It kept on snowing until we had between 8 and 9 inches here in Westerville. Happily Rachael was off on Saturday so we had a great day. I had my breakfast in the normal 6:30-7:30 time frame, then I had lunch when R & M had their breakfast about 11:30! Nice!

The big dogs were overjoyed with the snow. I let them out late at night and Mika was jumping around and yipping like a puppy. It was really cute because she is usually very sedate and lady like. It is a good thing that Mika’s bark is as gentle as she is or she would have awakened the neighborhood! The little dogs on the other hand were not so enthused. The way the snow fell, over such a long period of time, developed a firm crust about 3 inches below the surface. They had to wade through thetop fluffy stuff, but every once in a while they would break through and nose-dive into the deepness! Add that to the fact that it was cold to boot and they had a hard time of it. Gable came back looking like he’d been playing snowplow with his nose.

In the after noon R & M took the big guys for a walk over to the reservoir. They came back with fantastic pictures and two tired dogs. Mika had to have two rounds of aspirin in the evening and some more on Sunday. She had to be helped up the stairs to go to bed with R & M and Rachael had to pick her up to put her on the bed. (Yes, our dogs sleep with us.) The good thing was that the walk wore Maxim out! Hee, hee, hee. No romping dogs in our house this weekend. Everybody is resting up.

Then after they came back and got warmed up, we all went in the living room and began sorting through boxes that were still packed from my old house. What fun! I sat while Rachael pulled surprises from the boxes. It’s funny but no matter how carefully you label the boxes you always forget what is in them until you open them up. Especially after a year and a half! I moved in with Rachael so I didn’t need most of the stuff and we didn’t have to bother unpacking. Now we are settled in our new house and Michael wants to get rid of the boxes have been stacked in the basement. It was fun looking through things and ‘downsizing.’ I gave a lot of stuff away when I moved the first time. Now I’m sorting again and making piles—stuff for my brother, stuff we want to keep and stuff for Notah and Kerra. Then the rest of the junk goes in a yard sale mountain. Rach thinks she is gonna have time for a yard sale. HA! B ut let her try, then we will take it to the Salvation Army. It isn’t really ‘junk’ I just call it that. It is mostly household things that everybody needs but not in multiples.

All in all we had a great day.

Then on Sunday, Rachael had to work but Michael and I were home all cozy. We had lunch/breakfast and he cleaned up the house and went to buy ‘grazing’ supplies for Super Bowl time. And of course we watched the Super Bowl when Rachael got home and ate Michael's goodies for the whole time. No need for supper at our house! All in all, it was like the Christmas holiday when we were all together and Michael had all of his much loved tradition-“grazing goodies.” It was snowy outside but warm inside; we were opening boxes with surprises inside; we finished up by watching the football game as the holiday wound down. And even though Michael stated getting the flu in the evening, it still didn’t spoil it for us. Having the flu wrapped up on the couch with a dog on your feet is better than being sick any place else.

And to make things even better (for me) was that he didn’t go to work on Monday and Rachael was off. So we were all together again and it was like a long holiday weekend. Another Christmas!

Now it’s Tuesday morning and the weather forecasts were right when they predicted another snow storm. The snow began around five oclock and is still coming down hard and fast in tiny fine flakes. Roads are nasty, everyone is driving really slow to work. Michael left at 7:30 and called Rachael at 8:45 to say he was still stuck in traffic about 10 minutes away from the house! She was a couple blocks from her store by then. It's never smart to take the freeway in this kind of weather--that's where all the idiots are. Hmmm, don't tell Michael I said that. The weather man is calling for another 6-8 inches, depending one what weather man you are listening to.

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