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Sunday, September 13, 2009

how much we love our dogs

I'm worrying today. Kerra called a while ago and said Thain had been bitten by a rattlesnake on their Sunday afternoon hike. Kerra called for me to pray for him (and them) as they were hiking back to the car. You have tounderstand that our 'hikes' have never been the typical afternoon stroll through the countryside. Even when the kids were young, a 'hike' involved several hours of wild country walking and climbing. It seems Thain and a rattlesnake were trying to share the same shade under the same rock.
Getting back to the car involved quite a ways, probably with Notah carrying Thain. Kerra called a while later to say they were at the vet's, the only one in the area with antivenin. The good news was that he had been bitten through the lip which has fewer veins and blood vessels. And it had gone all the way through so hopefully much of the venom was discharged on the otherside of his skin.
Kerra just called again. They got Thain to the vet in time it seems. He got quite a lot of vet treatment, expensive vet treatment, but it appears he will be Okay.
His head is swollen. She said he looks like a 'spuds mackenzie' dog--the bullterrier with the wedge shaped head. They will keep him over night and hopefully bring him home tomorrow.
How much we love our dogs.

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