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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

poor baby

Thain is still improving. Notah posted what seems to be an on-going progress last night on his photo bucket. He is looking better and better. Now his head is only lopsided instead of being football shaped.
Some of the earlier ones show his tongue hanging out. I thought of the feeling you get when the dentist numbs your jaw to fix a tooth. I always keep touching my mouth to make sure I'm not drooling and that my tongue is still inside my lips. Thain obviously didn't do that. Of course he has a lot more tongue than I have.

He still doesn't look very happy, but he is eating... ( Thain is kinda like Seth. He'll eat anytime, any place as long as he can open his mouth and put chow in it)

If anyone is interested you can check Notah's photobucket album. http://s113photobucket.com/albums/n240/nhherp/

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