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Thursday, September 24, 2009

off to a slow start

I hate it when I forget something and then have to hustle around to catch up. This morning after Rachael went to work, I got Michael's muffin and a napkin out and cleaned the counter off. Then I took my coffee and a muffin, let the dogs in and trucked on back to my sitting room. I had withstood the temptation of that muffin for a week, but I finally broke down and decided to have one after breakfast. All the excitement must be the reason I forgot to turn the coffee pot on for Michael's coffee. lol
At about 7:05 I woke up from a little snooze and suddenly couldn't remember if I'd pushed that stupid automatic button. Then I was pretty sure I hadn't. Michael's schedule is closely regimented and he cuts his timing to the minute, almost the second, so I had to hop up and hustle out to the kitchen and push the button. Phooey. I don't hustle well and it puts my day out of sorts. At least I don't have a schedule to keep other than getting to sit down with my book or my laptop. But for those few hours every morning I meet Rachael's and Michael's schedule. Luckily, I got the pot turned on just in time to get coffee started before he came down stairs. It wasn't completely finished dripping but enough so that he could get his cofffee and go on to work. Heh, heh, heh. I'll bet it was strong enough to straighten his hair.

The good news of the day is that the muffin didn't make my blood glucose spike! Two hours after I ate the muffin my reading was only 127. How great is that! My morning readings are seldom over 120 and usually around 110. I think that is good. I avoid the starchy high carb foods almost completely. Very rarely I have a sandwich with bread or a tortilla. Generally I have protein and vegetables and fruits. Not that I avoid carbohydrates completely, but I get them from the fruits and vegetables rather than from lots of starches. I have a doctor's appointment next Tuesday. We'll see what she says.

Yeah, yeah. I'm not real conscientious about doctor's appointments. I should have gone in March before I went to NM. But Rachael had her accident and couldn't take me. Then the next Saturday Kerra came and we left for Belen. I planned to be real good and go as soon as I got back in July, BUT... Famous last words.

In July the week after we got back, Rachael began her Lien Accounting training for Krogers and had long days with no breaks during the week so there was no time for her to take me. Finally she has a vacation scheduled and I'll go see Doctor Nickolson next week. Pat of the reason I began monitoring my blood sugar readings regularly was because I wanted to give her something as a record of what had been happening. Same thing with the blood pressure readings.

Generally, I'm pretty casual about seeing the doctor. I'm sure I'm a frustrating patient because I cannot afford a lot of tests and blood work and the things that doctors today use to keep tabs on what's going on inside our bodies. I do the things the doctor tells me within the limits of my financial ability. And most of that is to keep my family from worrying. Beyond that I simply let the Lord take care of it. Until a couple years ago, He did that all the time anyway.

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