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Sunday, September 6, 2009

tribute to a coffee mug

We had a funeral at our house this morning.
As part of the Kroger lien accounting roll out, Rachael had to go in at 4:30 this morning to walk one of the assistant managers through the first day of the week opening procedures. I started her coffee and made a toaster strudel and then sat at the counter reading a book until she came down.

She pulled her favorite coffee mug from the cupboard and filled it; but when she picked it up to slurp from it there was an ominous Drip. It had a crack! Ooooh.

We have six or eight travel mugs on the top shelf so it wasn't like an earth shattering event, but the mug was history. Rachael sorted through the choices and found her second favorite. After she poured the coffee into that mug she stood reverently over the trash can and held up the cracked one.

"You were my favorite for six years, but now you gotta go. You were a good mug." and she dropped it in the trash. (insert a reverent moment here)

I make a joke of it but I can understand her feeling. I have a favorite mug too. My friend Dianne brought me a mug back from one of her trips to Kentucky seven/eight years ago (wow. How fast time goes!) It is shaped like a cone with a collar instead of a pointy top. There's a little plastic lid that fits in the opening. And there's a foam pad on the bottom to keep it from sliping on a sloped dash. My favorite thing about it though is that it is ceramic. I don't like to drink coffee from those thermal plastic things or even the stainless steel mugs either.
I used this mug for several years to take my coffee along while I was driving to work every morning.
The clingy foam on the bottom let me set it on the inclined dash or on the passenger seat or even on my lap without tipping. The narrow mouth with the plastic insert lid kept splashes redirected back down in the mug. I used regular cups at home. Lots of times my coffee cup sat on the end table or the window seat while I did something else and drank coffee as I did it. The problem was that Gable always stole my coffee if I walked a way for two seconds!

All of the literature on dogs says that coffee isn't good for them. Some even offer dire threats of death! I have news for them. Gable has probably stolen quarts of coffee and it has never seemed to impair him one little bit. BUT after I found out it was supposed to I worried about it. My skinny-mouth travel mug was the solution. It was so narrow that it is difficult for him to get his nose in and the lid stops his pilfering completely! Now I use it all the time--even when I'm sitting at a table or counter where he can't hope to reach.

It went all the way to NM with me and I live in dread of its getting broken. Eight years is a l-o-n-g lifetime for a coffee cup in my house! But I could never find another one. There were plenty of ceramic coffee mugs, but they were all wide-topped and skinny-bottomed. They were made to fit in one of those coffee wells car manufacturers think are so handy. Oh yeah, like that would keep a nibby terrier nose out while it was sitting on an end table!

Yesterday when I was surfing the web I found one on sale!!! I was so
excited I ordered a white replacement and a blue back up!

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