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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

progress report

Talked to Notah this morning. He reports that Thain is back to his old self. You can only tell he was bitten by the rattle snake if you feel the two little bumps of scar tissue in his cheek. I'm glad. He's a nice pup and has a lot of potential to grow into a great dog.
On Saturday, Notah's birthday, they went for a family walk in the morning. Notah said he found a dead glossy snake along the road. When he picked it up and showed it to Thain the wise pup tooke off wider horizons. I guess he's learned his lesson.
I was a little worried he would have the opposite reaction to his encounter and feel it was his personal responsibility to rid the world of snakes. That could be dangerous if he atttacked every rattlesnake he ran across. Eventually one would bite him and he wouldn't get better. So it is good he has learned to respect not just rattlers but all snakes.

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