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Saturday, January 16, 2010

the great mysteries of life

“The mysteries of this life will be solved in the next.”
This morning I heard this statement in passing on a program I was listening to. This is like many of the new age philosophies that have crept into our lives that too many of us as saints of God just accept as true. It emphasizes life and the comprehension of it from Man's rational point of view. And I admit that I have many times had a similar thought. I’ve looked forward to knowing why God allows pain and suffering in children. I’ve looked forward to knowing why there were such things as earth quakes and horrible natural disasters. And other things have perplexed me. I’ve said to myself, “When I get to heaven, I’ll find out why”

In an instant almost as I thought about the statement this morning, I realized that when I get to heaven these things that I’ve questioned and wondered over will be as nothing. The great mysteries of this life won’t even be important any more. James said “For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.” Ultimately the only thing that matters is our life in the Lord. Everything else fades into insignificance.

The great mysteries of life, the things I’ve wondered and worried about, the things that have seemed so important to me now, those questions of earth shattering importance that Man has debated for hundreds of years, will all be vanished away. In the light of eternity they will be nothing. They probably won’t even have enough importance for me to remember them. They will be things of the flesh and physical life that no longer matter enough to retain any impression in my comprehension.

How long does a puff of vapor last when it is released from the opened kettle? A moment and then it‘s gone. It is unimportant, unenduring. So much for the great mysteries of life.

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