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Friday, January 8, 2010

the "jesus test"

Why am I offended when someone sends me an email “Jesus Test” saying “If you aren't ashamed to do this, please forward this email to at least ten people” It irritates me no end! Most times I’m so irritated I hit the delete button before I even think about it. Then I feel guilty. So this morning I analyzed my feelings.
Of course, I'm not ashamed of Jesus. Every soul who knows me knows that! Lord knows that Jesus is life and breath and salvation and strength and hope of eternity to me. He has kept me and blessed me and brought me through a life that I guess (although I didn’t realize it till later someone told me) has not always been easy. I don’t have enough words to praise Him. And yet, I’m offended.

Why? Maybe because I often get them from people who I know aren’t living lives for Christ. Somehow they feel that by forwarding a few beautiful pictures of Christ, it makes them more of a Christian. The pictures are always loving and inspirational, but I don’t need a loving and inspirational picture to make me feel loved by Christ. I don’t need a picture to make me love Him more or to make me feel my gratitude to Him more deeply. I live out my love and gratitude every single day. I don’t need to send a cute email.

Why else? Maybe because I feel that (often) I’m getting them from people who are trying to impress me with their goodness. Often times I know they are not godly people and I resent (a bit) that they are trying to fool me into believing they are. I don’t love them any less because I know they aren’t living for God, but I feel sad that they think they can influence me into believing they are. I feel sad that they believe that by sending a pretty Jesus Test they are proving their allegiance to Him. I won’t harshly condemn them if they aren’t living for the Lord, but I won’t back off on the standard of salvation in regard to them either.

Why else? Maybe it is just because I refuse to include myself in the thousands of people who pass these around the internet without an ounce of salvation in their hearts.

Now it isn’t that some of the forwards I get aren’t good. Some times they are. And sometimes I put my own spin on them so there is a message behind them rather that a just a warm-fuzzy that makes people feel good. But I refuse to pass anything on that might be used to make the receiver feel that he can make himself right with God just by forwarding an email. I refuse to pass anything on that will make the receiver feel that by forwarding it he will proclaim his standing with God—especially if I know the person is NOT right with God.

I don’t think any less of good saints who send these to me. (If you are one, please don't be hurt. Lots of you do. ) I truly believe they are just endeavoring to extend their witness. I just wish they would do a little editing. Change the wording so it doesn’t appear that anyone who passes them on is a Christian. Or just forward the pictures and the message without the challenge to take the “Jesus Test”

The real “Jesus Test” is lived out every day of our life. We do the things that are pleasing to God in every situation. We give of our self and our life to be a witness of His saving grace. We don’t pass on just pretty pictures and warm fuzzies, but also messages that carry a challenge for righteous living and messages that point men and women to a better way, messages that give a standard for making heaven our eternal home. THOSE are the deeds included in the real “Jesus Test” They are the things that are evidence of our real love for Jesus.

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  1. Excellent post!! I hate those things - same with the "If you are a true friend you'll return this and forward it to all your friends" emails.
    Bah. If you were a true friend you'd know where I stood on this and not send it to me ;)