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Saturday, January 9, 2010

snowdays and dog baths

Well! I’m bright eyed and bushy-tailed since 400 AM. Rats. That means I’m gonna poop out around three oclock this afternoon!

I had a lovely day yesterday.Since it was already Rachael's day off and Michael's work was operating on a skeleton staff--ie without any one from a distance--I spent time with R & M and played with the dogs. Watched the big ones get baths! Big process in our house.
Mika has a ton of hair—she is part chow and maybe malamute or akita..some dog like that. Rachael combed her for about 45 minutes before her bath and got a grocery sack full of hair from her. I kid you not a grocery sack full. It took about half an hour to get her washed and rinsed thoroughly and then dried off, not with a blow dryer but with about six towels (including one of my brand new fluffy Christmas present towel! Oh yeah. I was a happy camper!)

But what I started to say was that after Rach had finished washing and rubbing and blotting and fluffing her, Mika waked out of the bathroom, sneezed and shook and pieces of fluff like dust-bunnies floated off in the air! So Michael sat down and brushed her for another half hour and got another bag of fluff from her. We could start our own factory.

Then they washed Maxim. He doesn’t have nearly so much hair but would love being brushed as long as Mika was (it feels good). But it takes a while to bathe him, too, because he loves it so much. Labs are part seal or dolphin, I think. He isn’t naughty or trying to run away, just bite the shower spray, wag his tail, swim in the shower spray and generally get everything wet. The good thing is that Rach can take him in my big handicap accessible shower and close the door, so when he shakes it flies only as far as the walls and the shower doors! Of course in the process of washing him, she gets her bath too. I'm gonna hope she used my new Christmas towel on herself instead of the dog. *sigh*

Now they are beautiful—all shiny and bright. They almost glow in the dark. Maxim is sleek and Mika is fluffy. Today or tomorrow the little dogs get their baths. That isn’t nearly such a big deal, but they don’t appreciate it as much as the big ones. Oh they stand still but they act like they are being tortured prior to murdered. It is like the worst thing ever in the whole world that could happen to them.

Then after it is all over, they feel so good! And they bounce around and chase each other and roll on the carpet and the comforter on the bed. Generally they act as though the whole thing was a great idea and more specifically that it was their own idea.

Now everyone has to get their collars and ‘jingles’ back on. Each one except Maxim has three jingles-a license tag, a rabies tag, and a little ID with our name address and phone number on it. I can identify the dog by the sound his jingles make. Each one recognizes their own collar. Maxim is very proud of his even though Rachael took the important tags off—the license and the rabies tag. He lost them twice and we were lucky enough to find them. She is taking no more chances. He just makes a little rattle. Mika has a silver ‘choker’ chain, just looped over her head; the rings for the tags hold the choker part together. If she wears a lead, it is attached to the firm ring, not the sliding side. She sounds like a whole orchestra. Gable and Sebastian sound about the same as each other, but Sebastian has longer toenails so I hear a clicking sound with his.

Oh my there are so many important things for me to think about as a retiree.

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