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Friday, January 1, 2010

new year's day

You know, the internet is a wonderful thing. This morning I had a New Year’s Day present that was almost as good as being there… Notah posted a video on photobucket for me. It was their Christmas morning! I loved it.

My grandkids are growing up so fast. Keva is beautiful. Notah will have to fight the boys off with sticks and stones when it dawns on them. Seth is his handsome humorous self. ( In the midst of the present opening he started singing, “I saw mama kissing Santa Claus!” He has always been full of song and even as a baby would ride along in his car seat singing to himself. When he learned to talk then he could put words to the songs! )

There were pictures of the Thain and Sadie sitting on the couch wrestling with each other while everyone opened presents. Thain was a fuzzy puppy when I last saw him. Now he is a Big Dog, but he still acts like a simple pup. And his tail!!! He has a tail as long as he is! He is going to be very striking when he is grown. I’m so thankful he survived the rattlesnake bite. There were a couple shots of Huckleberry laying in a patch of sunlight taking life easy. He’s too old to get involved in such foolishness as wrestling and presents!

Kerra got a new video camera. She was thinking the box was a handgun. The kids and dad got a big kick out of surprising her! Now I expect some pictures of my favorite son. The only problem with my New Year’s Day present was that there were no pictures of Notah. He was running the video recorder. As much as I love the kids and Kerra, Notah is my little boy. How strange. Our kids grow up and become adults but deep in a mom’s heart there is still the memory of that cute little kid she watched grow up.

In fact, since Kerra has a camera, I’ll expect videos to get posted all the time.

I think so often of Louie’s Mom. Now I can relate when I remember how happy she was when we visited in the summers. She loved the pictures I sent her of Notah and Rachael and put them up all over her little house. Wouldn’t she have been thrilled to get movies of them! Probably every bit as thrilled as I was.

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