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Sunday, August 23, 2009

how to fake a clean house

I just read the cutest website. I'm not sure if it was serious or teasing, but it might come in handy some day... Every once in a while we find out someone is coming and panic because our house isn't quite what we'd like it to be. Here're are a few hints. I'm not posting it all, but some ideas are kind of handy.

How To Fake a Clean House by Kathleen Squires
When you're short on time here's how to give your living spaces the illusion of cleanliness.


~Reserve one side of the sofa cushions to be shown to guests. Just as guests arrive flip the cushions over to show the 'good-as new" fabric. When the guests leave flip them back down and keep them clean.

To rid the sofa and chair backs of pet hair, wear a rubber glove. Dampen the fingers and wipe the upholstry. The pet hair will cling to the damp rubber.

~Stack scattered books and magazines in a neat pile or in a basket at the end of the sofa.

~Pull the sheer drapes closed over the windows to disguise kiddy smudged window panes. Other times leave them pulled back.

~Fold a clean blanket and put it over the stained cushions on chairs or sofa.


~ If the sink is full of dirty dishes, stack them in a stew pot or roaster and put them in the cupboard until the company is gone and then you'll have time to wash them. Drape any dirty dish cloths or towels over the pot.

Hang clean dish towels over the oven handle or on the bar. Fold the stained side to the back. Tidy and clean-no effort.

~Cover any lingering aroma of cooking by boiling a spoonful of nutmeg or cinnamon or cloves or orange peel in a small pan of water! Instant aroma-therapy says 'welcome' !

~De-clutter your refrigerator by scooping all the notes, photos, coupons and magnets into a ziplock bag and put it in a drawer. Later you can put it back. Instant neatness!


~Glide a sticky lint roller over the bath mat to pick up any loose hair or lint fluff.

~Pull down any damp towels. Use them to wipe flat surfaces that collect dust, then hang them on the hook behind the door. Hang a fluffy robe over them. Clean and neat.

~ Put clean guest towels out. Instant neatness.

~Any scattered brushes, or cosmetics can be heaped in a basket on the back of the toilet. Neat and decorative.

~Turn the light off but light a couple candles. Candles are pretty and everything looks nicer by candle light. Neat and cozy.


Now I know we all try to keep our houses clean and straightened up. And I'm not a proponent of sloppy housekeeping, but be honest, sometimes we get surprise company when we wish we'd had time to clean before they came. It happens to all of us.

These few hints can be accomplished between the time we see them pull up outside and they get to the door. Especially if you plan your route sometime when you're really cleaning. You can devise a plan of action that involves the shortest way through your house.

This certainly won't substitute for good housekeeping, but it will help us relax a bit when somebody comes unexpectedly. Wish I'd thought of it about 30 years ago when I had two kids and a dad to take care of and a full time job. There were plenty of times when people came and cleaning day was two days past. These ideas would have helped me feel a lot better. LOL We had a long walk and about 15 steps from the pull-off to the front door. I could have accomplished a lot!

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