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Thursday, August 6, 2009

it's five oclock in the morning

Rachael had to be at work this morning at five o'clock. I know she is thirty years old and very capable of getting herself up and going, but hey, I'm usually awake so why not take a few minutes and make sure there's coffee and a bagel waiting for her when she comes downstairs. I know, but it's just a Mom-thing.
I did this for Rachael from almost the time I moved here. I didn't feel strange doing it for her because she was, after all, my daughter and of course I could say, "Here eat this, you can't go off to work on an empty stomach." I didn't feel quite so free about saying the same thing to Michael. He wasn't actually my real son and I wasn't sure I 'mothering him' would be acceptable. LOL
Then I found out he'd kind of like it, too! So now I got Rachael off and I have two hours till I send Michael off. I was generally up with Notah when I was in NM. Although I wasn't able to fix him breakfast. I made sure his coffee started cooking at three thirty. It was still nice to have that time with him.
Now I'm sitting here in the quiet with soft music playing, remembering old brother Runion teaching on Ecclesiastes 12 in an early morning prayer service during campmeeting when I was probably 18. He made the imagery come alive for me that morning. He must have been in his 70's then and that age seemed far away for me. Now it is only a few very few years off and I'm understanding more and more of what the "Preacher" was talking about. Especially I remember in these early mornings the portion about "ris[ing] up at the voice of the bird." After years of waking up at six in the morning and another 20 of getting out of bed at five, I'm still an early riser. In fact I wake up earlier now than ever.
It's funny. One would think that retirement would mean sleeping until ten. I guess the body establishes its own time clock after 60 years and just continues to operate on that schedule even if you don't have to get to work on time. It is nice though. I get to see my kids in the morning and know they have hot coffee and a bit of something in their tummies to start the day. but then it gives me this time in the quiet of the day.
It's nice.

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  1. That brought back memories. I have often thought of Bro. Runion teaching that lesson on Ecclesiastes myself. It is a lesson I've never forgotten. He made it come alive to me too.