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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


There shall be showers of blessing:
This is the promise of love;
There shall be seasons refreshing,
Sent from the Savior above.

Showers of blessing,
Showers of blessing we need:
Mercy-drops round us are falling,
But for the showers we plead.

There shall be showers of blessing,
Precious reviving again;
Over the hills and the valleys,
Sound of abundance of rain.

There shall be showers of blessing;
Send them upon us, O Lord;
Grant to us now a refreshing,
Come, and now honor Thy Word.

There shall be showers of blessing,
If we but trust and obey;
There shall be seasons refreshing,
If we let God have His way.

The day is winding down. Rachael and Michael are next door playing ping- pong. I've sitting here in the quiet, thinking my quiet thoughts, looking at some photos and remembering this song.

Sometimes my soul feels like a garden in the rain. the blessings from the Lord pour down over it and soak into my being. I don't even have to be in a "dry spell" to feel the enrichment and blessings. The showers of blessing are always welcomed and always the evidence of God's love. The times of refeshing always come and suddenly I realize I needed that! His mercy is always with us, but sometimes we need those showers.

I wish I could figure out how to do the videos here... I'd play the song for you. Meantime you can click on this...http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=1UOUfRTVJhg

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