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Thursday, August 13, 2009

It is a beautiful day here today. After days of humidity and heat, we had 68 degrees last night. When I opened the door for the dogs this morning they bounced out like they were on springs. Last night Michael played with Maxim and his frizbee in the yard. He chased it but it was so humid it seemed like he couldn't pant fast enough. This morning it was different-- cool and pleasant. I think I may have lunch on the deck today. It is so pretty.
Tomorrow is Michael's birthday. Rachael says things have improved over the years. He used to celebrate the event for the entire month. Then he gradually reduced it to a week and now they have it down to one weekend! His sister bought him tickets for a music concert in Cincinnati tonght. They are leaving as soon as he gets off work and showered to attend the concert and spend the night so they can come home fresh in the morning. THEN they are going to Zoombezi Lake on Saturday! It's a water park with slides and splashes and wave pools. How old did I say he is??? Hmmm. Ten maybe? LOL
So the dogs 'n' I will be holding down the fort by ourselves for a couple days.
Rachael's new assignment for Krogers is going well. They instituted a new computer program for all their stores. Lien accounting is a fairly straightforward system (as I gather from what she has said to me) from a bookkeeping angle, but it has a lot of precise steps to reach the end. And omitting one step or putting the numbers on the wrong line messes with the totals. This is one time when her dyslexia has stood her in good stead. Over the years she has been forced to be very precise and very organized in order because her mindreverses letters and numerals. To keep things straight she has learned to be very structured. And that is exactly what is required to work this system.
I'm proud of her. She and her partner/supervisor seem to be the only two trainers in the area who have the process down. They 'went live' in their own two stores and only two or three days into the kickoff period began getting calls and being sent to the other stores as trouble-shooters. They have run around to a lot of stores who had their own trainers, but who were so messed up that the store trainers couldn't get it straightened out. So my Rachael had to go do them! Yes! The other nice thing is that running to all those stores. makes for a fantastic mileage expense check!
I think I'll go get lunch and take it outside.

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