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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

lazy day

I've had the laziest day today, didn't do diddly. Now granted I don't usually rush all around. It isn't possible to rush around on crutches, but I generally do something profitable! I woke up early as usual, and trekked on out to get Rachael a bite to eat and fix Michael's lunch. I DID stay up until Rachael got going, then I left Michael's lunch pak on the counter--all packed--and put his strudel in the toaster. All that had to be done was pour the coffee and push the handle down on the toaster. And here is the pathetic part, I went back in my sitting room and sat down and snoozed! That hardly ever happens.

Notah called a little while later on his way to work. That is a big red highlight to my day. We never talk about earth moving things but I love when he calls. Thank goodness for verizon wireless and their network. the hours I spend on the phone with him and Kerra would break my very small bank. I have to feel so sorry for mothers in the days before cell phones and even regular telephones. I think of my mother-in-law whose children scattered all over and she only got to be with them when they came home. Louie moved to Ohio and she went months without seeing him. Others moved to Arizona and Colorado. Of course, with no phones on the reservation she could never talk with him. And not just her but all the mothers who must have grieved to think about their kids so far out of touch. My heart would truly break if I couldn't talk with Notah regularly--three or four times a week. Thank the Lord for verizon wireless and their free minutes to other verizon customers!
I didn't take my shower until two oclock and just a short while later Rachael came home from work!
Tomorrow will be better.

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